Packaging manufacturer in Ukraine


We help entrepreneurs create individual packaging made from polypropylene and polyethylene, which keeps the product in its original form and presents it favourably on the market.

About company

History of «ARTHA-S»

Our history began in 1998 with the production of film for floral bouquets. Over time we started to expand our range and produce packaging for all kinds of food and non-food products. In 20 years of operation, we have already renewed our equipment 4 times: we bought new machines and modern printing machines.

Since 2019, we have been actively improving the company from the inside: we have optimised internal processes and implemented modern business management systems.

Our head office, production hall and wholesale and retail warehouse are located in the city of Dnipro.

Volodymyr Stakhnyak, director of «ARTHA-S»:

«We are a family company: my father founded the production, and today I am continuing his work. I am very proud that at «ARTHA-S» 80-90% of clients are regulars, and the core team has been working for more than 10 years and has developed together with the company.

Our core values are an honest approach to doing business, rigorous fulfilment of our obligations to clients, partners and employees, and continuous improvement of all work processes.

Get in touch with our managers, we’ll be happy to add value to your business!»

About company

How can our company help your business?

Our services:

  • Flexo printing;
  • Perforation (creating a breathable package, hole diameter 1mm);
  • Euro perforation (hole 3-4mm);
  • Rolling up into a half sleeve;
  • Production of bags with different configurations (with euro hanger; with flap and adhesive tape…);
  • Manufacturing of cone bags;
  • Development of a bespoke layout for branding, designer services

Our advantages:

  • We use modern technology and are constantly renewing our equipment fleet.
  • We manufacture only certified, safe and environmentally friendly
    products for which we take full responsibility.
  • The main raw materials for production are supplied directly from manufacturers.
  • Quality. In our production we use only the highest quality
    film materials and modern technologies from CIS countries and Europe.
  • Safety. Our packaging can be used for food or
    We take great care to ensure our products are safe.
    products are safe. We manufacture our products to high standards


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