BOPP film, SRR film, metal

Our company sells transparent BOPP, SRR, metallised and pearlised film in jambs, as well as cut to individual customer specifications (width, weight, etc.). To view the characteristics of the products produced, please see the text below.

BOPP film, SRR film, metal
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What is BOPP film, SRR film, metal

Transparent BOPP, SRR, metal film is one of the most popular packaging materials. It is an excellent packaging material for almost all sectors of business: gifts, textiles, flowers as well as food packaging.
At a relatively low density, the film has a very high strength, so that accidental tearing of the packaging during transport of goods is avoided.

“Artha-S” supplies film to loyal customers such as:

The production time for an order is from 5 days. These lead times can be reduced on an individual basis.

Main features:

  • Film width: from 50 to 1200 mm
  • Density: 12 to 120 microns;
  • Weight and diameter of reels: according to individual customer requirements.

Advantages of BOPP SRR metal

Exterior view

BOPP film - biaxially oriented polypropylene film - is one of the most popular materials for flexible packaging. This type of packaging looks attractive, which increases the sales of the product. The film is optically transparent, so it is often used for packaging cereals, bakery products, beverages and cosmetic products.

Heat resistance

The film prevents air, germs and moisture from getting inside. The packaging is also resistant to temperature fluctuations, allowing the product to be preserved for a long time, e.g. in a supermarket environment;

BOPP film, SRR film, metal


High strength with low specific weight. BOPP film, CPR film, metal can be used in combination with different types of film, which increases the barrier properties and allows to increase the shelf life and palatability of your product.
BOPP is not easy to damage. This ensures a long shelf life of the product and reduces the possibility of damage during transport.

Flow pack

Suitable for use on automatic Flow pack lines
This packaging material is used for flow packing on automated Flow pack lines. This significantly speeds up the filling time of your product.

Where BOPP film, SRR film, metal is used

Packaging film is made of polypropylene and is used for additional packaging of products, e.g. when transporting them.
The packaging film is often printed with the brand logo, thereby increasing the customer’s confidence and increasing the chances of a repeat purchase.
When shipped, the product in a branded film looks more presentable and attractive to the customer. This type of packaging is used for packing food (cereals, bakery products, confectionery, sugar, fresh herbs, grilled chickens, snacks) and any non-food (textiles, disposable dishes, packaging for flowers, cosmetic products and others) goods.

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Production by Artha-S

Varieties of film

BOPP film

BOPP film – biaxially oriented polypropylene film – is one of the most popular materials for flexible packaging. The film can be both transparent and printed. Our company produces printing on the film by flexo printing. Which will further enhance the presentation of your products in the market.

SRR film

SRP film is an undirected polypropylene film, cast film. The material, which entered the Ukrainian market not so long ago, but has already gained popularity. The main difference is that the film does not burst when pierced, in contrast to BOPP, and is very flexible material.
It is recommended to use SRP film for packing loose products: sugar, cereals, bakery products, fresh greens, powders and so on.
The film has a beautiful appearance and is resistant to puncture and damage.

Metallised film

Metallised film has high protective properties, which are due to the method of production. The aluminium, which provides an additional layer of protection, evaporates and the condensate settles on the film. This type of film has increased barrier properties, thanks to an additional layer of protection, the material does not let sunlight and air, allowing long storage of perishable products.
Metalised film is used for packing products such as: milk, cheese, fish, meat and snacks.

BOPP film, SRR film, metal
BOPP film, SRR film, metal
BOPP film, SRR film, metal

Features of polypropylene film

Based on all the parameters, it should be noted that polypropylene film has such advantages:

  • transparency and glossiness;
  • flexibility
  • increased air throughput (required for packing bread, for example)

Product packaging, along with its quality, influences the customer’s choice. Design, convenience and print quality can be a decisive factor for a person who has a wide choice of products.

We deliver by any transport companies and private carriers all over Ukraine.

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