Cone bags

Artha-S is a leader in the production of cone bags, often called trapezoidal bags for fresh herbs and flowers. We produce bags according to individual dimensions as well as always have a stock of ready-made bags in standard sizes. The following text provides an overview of the characteristics, applications and types of bags.

Cone bags
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Function of cone packs and their main characteristics

We produce cone bags made of polypropylene (BOPP) and PPP, transparent and printed in up to 8 colours (flexo printing method).

Our company produces cone bags for such companies and trademarks as TM “Green Go”, TOV “Vershki i Koreshki”, TOV “KOF”, TOV “Miseriya-Iv” and others. In 2020 our company will take 70% of the market of cone bags production. We are planning to increase the production volume by 30% more in 2021.

Period of production from 14 days. These lead times can be reduced on an individual basis.

Main features:

  • Bottom width: 50 mm to 200 mm
  • Top width: 170 mm to 700 mm
  • Height: 200 mm to 1000 mm
  • Density: 25 to 100 microns
  • Material: BOPP, SRR
  • Perforation: micro perforation, hole punch
  • Bottom: open or sealed
  • Minimum print run: transparent from 15kg film; printed from 150kg

Advantages of cone bags

High level of transparency

The transparent bag makes it possible to examine the contents in detail, verify their integrity, assess their appearance and freshness and make a quick purchasing decision.


If necessary, you can buy bags with a logo, product benefits or brand information. This will present your company in the market and increase customer confidence.

Cone bags

“Breathable” packaging

The perforated polypropylene bag "breathes" through perfectly, which has a positive effect on the shelf life, freshness and appetising appearance of the product.

Easy to use

This advantage is especially important for florists who need to wrap flowers as quickly and beautifully as possible and deliver them with the package to the client.

The use of cone bags

Cone shaped polypropylene packaging is most often used for packing fresh herbs, lettuce, basil, mint and other herbs, flowers and houseplants. Thus, cone products are quite common in supermarkets, vegetable and florist shops.

Depending on the application, the packaging bags may have different width, height, density, type of perforation and number of holes of the perforator.

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Production by Artha-S

Varieties of cone bags

Our company manufactures cone bags of various types, namely:

  • Trapezoidal bags for cut flowers (open bottom);
  • Wholesale flower bags with micro (needle) perforation
  • Cone bags for fresh herbs with sealed bottoms and micro perforations or holes from a hole punch
  • Cone bags with clips for quick filling
Cone bags
Cone bags
Cone bags
Cone bags

Features of trapezoidal bags

Cone packs have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • the greens stay fresh for a long time;
  • The trapezoidal shape is handy for packing bunches of lush leaves and salads;
  • the packaged bunches of greens have a marketable appearance when transported;
  • affordable price that makes it possible to use this type of bag.

The packaging can also be marked with drawings, inscriptions or company logos. Important role in cone and trapezoidal bags for greens is played by perforation on the whole area of bag, as well as selectively, it in turn has “breathing” properties, which allows to avoid spoiling and “suffocation” of production. Transparency, gloss and durability make polypropylene film an excellent packaging material for fresh herbs, creating a great look and long-lasting storage.

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