Film with perforation

We produce perforated film with micro and macro perforations. We can also perform a quality perforation service on your material.

Film with perforation
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Features of perforated film

The quality of our products has been proven by our loyal customers: Kyivkhlib, Formula Smaku, Prodsnab, Concern Rybprom, Askania Flora and others.

Production time from 10 days. These lead times can be shortened on an individual basis.

The main characteristics of Micro perforation:

  • the bore diameter is 0.5 mm;
  • material width from 100 to 1000mm;
  • material density from 20 to 100 microns

Macro (Europerforation):

  • the bore diameter is 0.5 mm;
  • material width from 200 to 500 mm;
  • material density from 25 to 100 microns.

Advantages of perforated film

The air exchange

Due to the openings, products and goods retain their quality while being securely packaged.

Abrasion resistance

The material is highly durable and resistant to temperature changes, and the conveniently positioned tear-off lines make it easy to unpack.

Film with perforation

Quick removal of excess moisture

The perforated packaging ensures air circulation. Vegetables and baked goods retain their freshness longer and moisture does not accumulate inside the pack.


The range of applications is not limited to goods in the food group, but can include household chemicals, plants, non-food products and others.

Where perforated film is used

Perforated packaging film is used for foodstuffs. Vegetables, fruit, meat and fish, bakery products, porridges that are cooked in packaging can all retain their useful properties for a long time. Prolonging the shelf life and preserving the marketable appearance is the immediate mission of bopp perforated film. Thanks to the processing method, perforated packaging allows air circulation. High-quality perforation quickly removes excess moisture and prevents condensation. The food-grade film material is UV-protected, so that harmful effects on food are neutralised.

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Production by Artha-S

Variety of perforations

We produce hot perforated packs. Hot perforation uses special high-speed equipment with double-sided heating. Among the perforation variants we offer needle perforation and Euro perforation.
In the needle perforation process the holes are burned and the edges are melted, which greatly increases durability and service life. This process results in polypropylene bags and BOPP film with perforation.
The Europerforation is designed for even greater air circulation and moisture evacuation. The main application is for packaging of flowers and vegetables.

Film with perforation
Film with perforation
Film with perforation
Film with perforation

High performance and reasonable price

Based on all the indicators, it should be noted that perforated film has good characteristics. Specifically:

  • protection from moisture, dust and dirt;
  • reducing UV exposure;
  • the presence of a strong structure;
  • no chemical reactions when interacting with the reagents.

ARTHA-S production has the possibility to develop a unique design that will emphasise the individuality of your product.
Our company supplies this product all over Ukraine.

If you appreciate all the advantages and are ready to buy perforated film – our specialists will provide detailed advice and help with quick ordering.

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