Polyethylene, polyethylene bags

Today, polyethylene bags are used extensively in industrial and domestic applications. They are inexpensive, practical products that can be used to efficiently package various goods and products. The polyethylene bags are elastic, damage-proof and ecological. Our company has been manufacturing polyethylene bags for a long time, offering our customers quality products at an affordable price.

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Advantages of polyethylene, polyethylene bags

Quality control

Employees control all production steps and the polythene bags for packaging are subjected to mandatory tests for strength, reliability and resistance to external influences.

Damage resistance

Polyethylene sheet is resistant to tears, punctures and stretching. It is extremely difficult to deform, which is very important during transport.

Polyethylene, polyethylene bags

Printability, extends product durability

If required, the polythene bags can be finished with a company logo or logo and brief contact details. The products are completely oxygen-free, which helps to extend the shelf life of the product.

High level of transparency

Absolute transparency allows the customer to get a proper look at the contents without having to open the packaging. This material is characterised by a glossy sheen, so the product looks much more attractive in it.


Use of polyethylene and polypropylene bags

High-pressure polyethylene is actively used for the production of packaging products and is also used in the automotive, mining and extraction industries, the chemical industry, construction, and household products. The polyethylene bags are also very common and can safely store foodstuffs, all kinds of goods, products.

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Features of polyethylene bags

Low-pressure polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer produced by the polymerisation of ethylene. This material is distinguished by its particular type characteristics:

  • Frost-resistant (can withstand down to -70 °C).
  • Low absorptive capacity.
  • Vapour permeability.
  • Dielectric.
  • Neutrality to aggressive substances.
  • High temperature resistance (up to +70 °C).
  • Ease of processing.
Polyethylene, polyethylene bags
Polyethylene, polyethylene bags
Polyethylene, polyethylene bags

Buy polyethylene bags and polyethylene

Do you want to buy polyethylene bags in Ukraine on the most favourable conditions? Then you have come to the right place! Our company has been manufacturing and selling the above products for many years. Products one hundred percent meet the requirements of GOST, because they are carefully controlled at each stage of creation.

We are regularly approached by customers interested in large and small wholesale. We also actively cooperate with representatives of retail chains, food manufacturers and other customers. Many have already seen the undeniable benefits of coming to us:

  • The ability to produce both small and standard, large packages for any application.
  • An appropriate pricing policy.
  • Quality control of batches, which minimises the chance of rejection.
  • Delivery to any location in Ukraine.
  • Fast order processing.

To order polyethylene bags in Kyiv, please contact our qualified managers. They will consult you in detail, answer your questions, tell you about the characteristics and advantages of the products. We look forward to your calls!

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