Polypropylene bags

The rapid development of the chemical industry has led to new products made from synthetic materials with a huge number of advantages. The polypropylene bag is a prime example of such inventions.

Polypropylene is famous for its unique properties and characteristics, which makes it a highly demanded reliable, strong, durable material, which today is actively used to create packaging bags. These, in turn, are used in a variety of applications ranging from manufacturing to retail.

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Advantages of polypropylene bags

Antistatic properties

Polypropylene packaging bags are ideal for storing and transporting extremely sensitive electronic components, such as parts, boards, microchips.

High level of transparency

The packaging is transparent, allowing the appearance of the product to be fully displayed along with its performance characteristics. You don't have to take the product out of the bag to view it.

Polypropylene bags

Safe raw materials

Упаковочные изделия производятся исключительно из безопасных материалов, которые не оказывают негативного влияния на окружающую среду и человеческое здоровье.

Printability, extends product durability

Logo bags have long established themselves as an effective marketing tool, and due to the nature of the material, the shelf life of products is increased several times over.


Polypropylene bags: use

The polypropylene filling bag has established itself in a positive way primarily because of its many unique features. These include strength (tear and damage protection), resistance to high and low temperatures, resistance to chemicals, small size and weight, which plays a huge role during the delivery of goods.

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Polypropylene packing bags

Polypropylene bags are excellent packaging for food and household goods. These products are widely used in a variety of applications:

  • In the food industry. They are used to package products such as sugar, cereals, confectionery, vegetables, fruit, dried fish and so on.
  • In the jewellery sector. The convenient and aesthetically pleasing snap bags are often used to store jewellery. They can be easily opened and closed an unlimited number of times.
  • Printed products. Products properly protect it from moisture and other external influences.
  • Children’s toys. There is no way that harmful substances that cause allergic reactions in babies will get inside the packaging.
Polypropylene bags
Polypropylene bags
Polypropylene bags

Features of polypropylene bags

Plastic bags with a valve deserve special attention. They are equipped with a special retainer that completely seals the product and ensures a hermetic seal. The integrity of the contents is ensured by adhesive tape, which does not dry out even with prolonged use.

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