Polypropylene half-sleeve

Polypropylene half-sleeve has long since established itself as a highly sought-after packaging material. It is used extensively in the food industry, for household and stationery products, perfumery, clothing, crockery and so on. Polyethylene film is notable for reliability, durability, high barrier properties and reasonable price. Order polypropylene half-sleeve on favorable wholesale terms you can in our company. We offer products both from stock, and make it to order.

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Advantages of polypropylene half-sleeve

High-quality raw materials

The basis of production is abrasion-resistant, reliable and health-safe polypropylene film. All seams are characterised by an increased level of strength, and the half-sleeve is accompanied by certificates confirming its quality.

Resistance to external factors

Packaging made of polypropylene is temperature-resistant, resistant to mechanical stress, resistant to acid and grease, resistant to moisture and dust and air-tight.

Polypropylene half-sleeve

High level of transparency

Provides visibility of the product from all sides so that the consumer can assess its condition, integrity and ensure that the product is in good condition. This gives reassurance that the packaged goods have not been used before.

Printable, extends the shelf life of products

The film can be printed with any image and logo, attracting customers' attention to your products with an interesting design. It also increases the shelf life of your products by preventing bacteria and other substances from getting inside.


Polypropylene half-sleeve: use

Polypropylene half-sleeve can be purchased for use in a wide variety of industries. One of the undisputed advantages of this packaging is the non-fixed length of the web as opposed to the standard pouch. As a result, it is possible to create packaging of any size of material.

The half-sleeve is suitable for packaging various goods, ranging from small household items to large-sized items. With this material, it is not difficult to wrap objects in a banderole way. It is used in agriculture, construction, food processing, furniture production and so on.

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Buy polypropylene sleeve in Ukraine

Polypropylene packaging film stands out compared to other modern materials like sacking, nylon and synthetics primarily due to its increased functionality. It is produced under high melting temperature, due to special technology the material becomes transparent, has high mechanical strength, heat and heat resistance, long service life and other unique properties.

Polypropylene half-sleeve
Polypropylene half-sleeve
Polypropylene half-sleeve

Features of polypropylene half-sleeve

Sleeve and half-sleeve are simple to produce and are extruded to produce a film of a suitable width, thickness and shade. The cost of the final roll is directly influenced by density, size, complexity of design, availability of lamination and other factors.

If you are planning to buy a polypropylene sleeve in Ukraine, please contact our company, which for many years produces films of different density and parameters. Through its own production, we guarantee one hundred percent compliance with the requirements and affordable price. There are several ways to place an order:

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