Printed film

Flexo printing is one of the most popular types of printing. Special inks and embossed forms are used to print images.
This type of printing allows images to be printed on almost any material and due to the harmlessness of the inks, the method is used in the manufacture of food packaging.

If you select flexo printing for your product packaging, you will obtain a beautiful product with a clear image and good colour reproduction. Modern equipment allows the job to be done quickly without losing quality.

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Advantages of flexo printing

Efficiency compared to other printing methods

Compared to other printing methods, flexo printing is low-cost. The image is applied to the material in a very thin layer. This means that less ink is used, which has an impact on the final print price.

Harmless (can be used in the food industry)

The ink used is harmless and water-soluble. Thanks to the safety of the inks, flexo printing is often used for food packaging.

Printed film

Quality of print

Using high quality equipment and new technology, images are printed with high detail and correct colour transfer.
Flexo technology makes it possible to produce large quantities of packaging in a short period of time.

Wide range of printing materials

Flexo printing can be used to print on almost any material. Polyethylene, polypropylene, corrugated cardboard, plastic film, thermal paper, self-adhesive are just some of the materials suitable for flexo printing.
So you can use flexo printing to brand different things: bags, bottles, cardboard products.

Flexo printing on flexible packaging

The film is used to seal various goods. Household chemicals, foodstuffs, water and other goods are often packed in film.

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Printing on film

In a time of great product abundance, packaging and quality printing have a significant impact on product sales. Recognition and personal branding are already an important factor for potential customers when choosing a product.

Printed film
Printed film
Printed film

Printing on flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is most often used to pack food and non-food products in sachets or doypacks.
Packaging film is used to provide barrier properties and to extend the shelf life of the product. In addition, branded packaging helps brands increase their brand awareness and consequently boost their sales.

Flexo technology has many advantages: low cost, fast turnaround time, safety, environmental friendliness and a wide range of printing materials.
Our company provides flexoprinting services in all major cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv.

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