Cone sleeves for flowers

You can buy cone sleeves for flowers and plants as well as other types of quality flower packaging in our company. ARTHA-S produces up to 70% of the flower packaging for the Ukrainian market and also supplies flower sleeves to the Netherlands, Greece, Italy and other EU countries.

Cone sleeves for flowers
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Purpose of cone sleeves for flowers and their main characteristics

When transporting and storing flowers, polypropylene cone sleeves are the best option, time-tested because they, with their perforations, increase air access, ensure that excessive moisture can escape and, most importantly, preserve the flowers. Cone sleeves, or plant sleeves as they are also called, are made of high-quality, environmentally friendly materials that are both strong and flexible. As the film from which cone sleeves for flowers are made is recyclable, the material from which they are made allows the eco-sleeve to be labelled with the ‘Mobius loop’ no. 5, which indicates that the packaging material is made from raw material that can be recycled in the future

Main features:

  • Bottom width: 50 mm to 200 mm
  • Top width: 170 mm to 700 mm
  • Height: 200 mm to 1000 mm
  • Density: 25 to 100 microns
  • Material: BOPP, SRP
  • Perforation: micro perforation, hole punch
  • Bottom: Open or sealed
  • Minimum print run: transparent from 15kg film; printed from 150kg

Benefits of our cone sleeves for flowers:

Optimum protection

Cone sleeves for flowers provide optimum protection for flowers against mechanical damage and standard volume, dust and other external factors, helping to keep flowers fresh and beautiful for a long time.

Space saving

Cone sleeves can be packed in less space than other types of packaging, making it easier to transport and store flowers.

Cone sleeves for flowers

Ease of use

Flower sleeves are easy to pack flowers in and after packing you can easily transport the flowers for sale or to arrange for storage of the flowers.


The transparent packaging material allows you to see the contents in full view, check its integrity, assess the appearance and freshness of the colours to help you make a quick purchasing decision.

Application of the cone sleeve for flowers

Cone-shaped polypropylene packaging is mostly used for packing fresh herbs, lettuce, basil, mint and other herbs, flowers, houseplants. Thus, cone products are quite common in supermarkets, vegetable shops and florists.

Depending on the application, the packaging bags are available in different widths, heights, densities, types of perforations and number of punch holes.

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Production by Artha-S

Varieties of cone hoses

Cone sleeves for flowers can be produced in several varieties: transparent cone sleeves, cone sleeves with printing, cone sleeves with micro or macro perforation. Floral packaging can also vary in size, e.g. cone sleeves for lilies are taller than cone sleeves for roses. Our company can produce bags with completely different dimensions in the following specifications:

Bottom width: 50 mm to 200 mm
Top width: 170 mm to 700 mm
Height: 200 mm to 1000 mm
Density: 25 to 100 microns
Material: BOPP, SRP
Perforation: micro perforation, hole punch

Cone sleeves for flowers

Minimum print run: transparent from 15 kg film; printed from 150 kg

Each of these types of sleeves offers different features and advantages for wrapping and protecting flowers. Transparent cone sleeves allow you to preserve the natural appearance of the flowers and make it possible to see their condition inside. Printed cone sleeves offer the opportunity to make your company known to the world with images, logos or lettering.

The transparent perforated sleeves allow sufficient air access for the flowers to breathe. Printed and micro-perforated sleeves combine both marketing and practical functions. Printed and macro-perforated sleeves provide greater air access for the flowers and simultaneously promote the company with lettering or images.
The choice of the right type of cone hose depends on your individual needs and our specialists will be happy to help you make the right choice.

Cone sleeves for flowers
Cone sleeves for flowers
Cone sleeves for flowers

Features of the cone sleeve for flowers

Our company manufactures and supplies cone sleeves for flowers, and it is primarily companies that work with us because we provide:

  1. Fast production and delivery to the European market
  2. Produce a volume that is comfortable for the customer
  3. Offering good value
  4. We use European raw materials that can be recycled.

ARTHA-S has the option of designing a unique pattern to highlight the individuality of your product. The product is available for worldwide delivery. If you are interested in purchasing, our specialists will provide detailed advice and help you place your order promptly.

Our experts are ready to offer a bespoke solution for your business and help you choose the best flower packaging option. You can contact us by phone, email or via the feedback form on our website for more information and advice.

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