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Производство Индивидуальной Упаковки в Украине

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ARTHA-S is a popular Ukrainian manufacturer of flexible packaging made of polypropylene, polyethylene. We follow the new trends in the “World of Packaging” and constantly expand and modernize our production.
Our mission is to create individual packaging, which preserves the original appearance of the goods and advantageously presents your products on the market.

Industrial, trade and many other enterprises actively co-operate with us. They regularly order from us polyethylene bags that are distinguished by ecological compatibility, resistance to external influences, high degree of transparency, wear resistance and durability.

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Where and how we work

The company was established in 1999. The main office with a production shop and a warehouse are located in the city of Dnipro. We accept orders and supply a wide range of products throughout Ukraine. We sell polypropylene sleeve and half-sleeve, polypropylene film, polyethylene sheet, film with perforation, cone bags, metallized film for packaging and much more. Also we offer development of packaging design, flexo printing. Friendly and professional team will help you at all stages of the order.

“Our basic values and principles are honest approach to business and strict observance of all obligations to clients, partners and employees”.

Volodymyr Stakhnyak director of “ARTHA-S” PE


Flexo printing on film

Flexographic printing on films and other flexible materials is the main and most current method of applying images to packaging materials on rolls.

The advantages of such printing are:

  • Completeness of colour;
  • Sharp borders;
  • Optimal contrast.

There are no restrictions on the type of material, polypropylene film, polyethylene or paper can be used. The method allows for informative, colourful and at the same time economical packaging for use in spheres:

  • Food and confectionery industry;
  • Textile manufacturing;
  • Packaging for building materials and housewares.

At the same time, this kind of packaging guarantees an attractive appearance and preservation of the integrity of the goods for a long period of time. Our company is the leader among Ukrainian companies in the field of flexo printing on film and other polymeric materials.

"Breathable" packaging - micro and macro (euro) perforations

The perforation of the film increases the quality and duration of the storage of goods. The holes in the film allow air to circulate freely and prevent the accumulation of condensation; thanks to the natural drying process, the moisture content is normalised. This consequently maintains the consumer properties of the goods during storage and transport. In practice, perforated film is widely used by producers of greens, bakery products, and for packing cereals. The quality of perforated film produced by our company has been tested by leading manufacturers of bakery products in Ukraine.


Manufacturing bags in various configurations

Production of polypropylene (BOPP, CPP) and polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE) bags is possible in our factory. The bags are manufactured in various configurations:

  • Straight bags for sealing;
  • Bags with flap and sticky tape;
  • Bags with a euro slot;
  • Cone bags;

The bags are made from high quality raw materials and can be used for packaging: groceries, textiles, household goods. The bags can be printed with flexo printing or perforated.

Individual design layout development, design services

Our designers will help you develop a bespoke layout for branding your products; the experience and professionalism of our designers will help you stand out from the competition, maintaining an optimum price/quality ratio for your packaging. We also do all the pre-press preparation for layouts. You can see examples of our work on the page – «Packaging design development»

Our benefits

Modern technology

Our specialists implement state-of-the-art production technology, which increases the efficiency of bopp films and other products. As a result, the appearance of the product is improved and its service life is extended without loss of performance.

Certified products

All the packaging bags are accompanied by certificates confirming the high level of quality of the products. Customers can count on buying reliable and durable products that will perform perfectly.

Own production

Through our own production we are able to set reasonable prices, control the timing of orders, take account of customer requirements, preferences and needs, and most importantly, guarantee a high level of quality.

Product design and printing

If necessary, you can order services of packaging design and flexo printing in Ukraine to decorate products with a picture, logo, inscription, branding, provide all necessary information and make them more attractive to consumers.

Eco-friendliness of products

SRR film, BOPP film and other types of products we sell, do not include harmful components that have a negative impact on the environment. We care about nature and do our best to avoid pollution.

High product quality

The packaging and film produced by our company is hard-wearing, reliable and safe for health. The seams are durable and the material is resistant to temperature changes, mechanical influences and is protected against moisture and dust.

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Quality and Safety:

During production, we use only the highest quality film materials along with innovative products and state-of-the-art technology from major domestic and European manufacturers. Our packaging is ideal for foodstuffs and is one hundred percent safe. The company adheres to high quality standards of manufactured products, and has an opinion of the State Sanitary and Hygienic Examination.

If you have any additional questions, you can always contact our managers and consult with them in detail.

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