Roll-up packaging for flowers

You can buy roll-up packaging for fresh-cut flowers at our company ARTHA-S. Our company specialises in the manufacture and sale of flexible flower packaging, including perforated or printed film.

Roll-up packaging for flowers
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Purpose of flower packaging rolls and their main characteristics

Flower roll wrapping is ideal for transporting and storing flowers, keeping them intact and creating an optimal environment by increasing air access as well as eliminating excess moisture. It is made from high quality eco-friendly material that is highly durable and flexible. The material used for the production of films for flower packaging is recyclable and allows the application of the “Mobius loop” ecolabel on the packaging, which indicates that the packaging material is made of raw materials that can be recycled in the future

Production time from 10 days. These deadlines may be shortened on an individual basis.

Основные характеристики Микро перфорации:

  • bore diameter 1 mm;
  • material width from 100 mm to 1000 mm;
  • density from 20 to 100 microns

Macro perforation:

  • bore diameter 5-8 mm;
  • material width from 200 to 600 mm;
  • material density from 20 to 100 microns.

Printing options:

  • number of colours 8;
  • material width up to 1220 mm;
  • material density from 15 to 200 µm;

The benefits of our flower packaging rolls:

Safety and security of flowers

Safe and secure flowers: our roll-up packaging ensures that the flowers are safe and secure during transport and storage against mechanical damage.

Ease of use

Our roll-up packaging is very easy to use, so it can be used by anyone. Our polypropylene flower packaging rolls allow you to automate the packaging process, speeding it up and reducing the number of employees.

Roll-up packaging for flowers

Humidity control

The regulation of humidity and oxygen access for plants and flowers can be achieved by using perforated film as a packaging option, Optimum humidity and fresh air for flowers and plants, contributing to their longevity and preservation.

Flower packaging film

Flower packaging film also provides a standard volume for flowers, making it easier to transport flowers.

The use of roll-up packaging for flowers

Polypropylene roll packs are most often used for the packing of freshly cut flowers on automatic lines. Thus, this packaging is ideal for large greenhouse complexes and flower companies.

Depending on the application, roll packaging may have different widths, heights, densities, types of perforations and number of technical holes.

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Production by Artha-S

Varieties of roll-up packaging for freshly cut flowers

We produce packages with perforations, which are created using the hot-punch technique (hot-punching). Special heating equipment is used for this purpose.

Needle perforation increases the strength and service life of the product by burning out the holes and melting the edges. This method is widely used for the production of flexible BOPP perforated roll film. Macro perforation is designed to increase air circulation and remove moisture, and is particularly effective for packaging flowers. Macro perforation is cold applied using special modules. We can produce packages with 5 mm and 8 mm holes. And you can choose to buy perforated film for flowers with the desired characteristics.

Roll-up packaging for flowers
Roll-up packaging for flowers
Roll-up packaging for flowers
Roll-up packaging for flowers

Characteristics of roll packaging

And so our company manufactures and supplies roll-up packaging for flowers, which has many advantages.

ARTHA-S также предлагает возможность разработать уникальный дизайн, который подчеркнет индивидуальность вашего продукта и будет способствовать продвижению вашего бренда. The products are available worldwide. If you are interested in buying, our specialists will give you in-depth advice and help with a quick application.

Our experts are ready to offer a bespoke solution for your business and help you choose the best roll-up packaging option for your flowers. You can contact us by phone, email or via the feedback form on our website for more information and advice.

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