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Buy cone bags for flowers for the 2023 season. What you need to know and how to place an order.

On the eve of the upcoming spring holidays, we decided to help with questions that may arise when purchasing packaging for flowers.

To order, you need to decide on the following questions:
1) How many flowers do you need to pack in a cone bag;
2) How many flowers do you need to package;
3) Do you want to promote the company’s brand by printing on the packaging;
4) Is perforation on the conical bag necessary for greater air penetration;

Buy cone bags for flowers

The number of flowers that will be packaged is decided only by you, based on the commercial purpose. For example, for retail trade, a conical package for one or five flowers is suitable, and for wholesale sales, you need a package that can hold from twenty to forty pieces. To get an understanding of what size cone bag to buy, we recommend forming a cone bag out of paper and testing its ease of use. If you have already decided on the size, but you want to make sure of its optimality.
Our company can produce test samples of a cone bag of the required size in the amount of up to 1000 pieces.

Production capabilities of our company:

Main characteristics:

Bottom width: from 50 mm to 200 mm
Width up: from 170 mm to 700 mm
Height: from 200 mm to 1000 mm
Density: from 25 to 100 µm
Material: BOPP (oriented polypropylene), SPP (non-oriented polypropylene)
Perforation: micro-perforation, technical hole 6 or 8 mm
Bottom: open or welded
Minimum order quantity: transparent films from 15 kg; with a seal from 150 kg

Buy cone bags for flowers

If the promotion of the company’s brand is important to you, we can produce conical bags with printing for you. That is, put a logo or any designed design on the packaging.

Features of our printing machines:

Number of colors: 8
Film width: up to 1200 mm

You can get more information from the link.
For more information, contact our managers.