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Bags for greens

Bags for greens

At any time of year, herbs are a sought-after product as a source of vitamins essential for our bodies. But fresh herbs are a particularly perishable product. To preserve the vitamins and all the useful qualities of herbs, their fresh and presentable appearance, taste and aroma can only be achieved with the right packaging.

Breathable polypropylene bags for fresh herbs cope with this task very well. Polypropylene is one of the best food packaging materials as it is ecologically friendly (it is absolutely safe for people and can be used for food packaging), it does not react with contents, it is heat-resistant (it is resistant to temperature changes), as well as resistant to chemical reactions and mechanical damages, it is impermeable to moisture and has no smell.

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Excellent visual appearance of the packaging

Polypropylene packaging protects greens from dirt, has an aesthetic appearance, and its transparency gives the consumer a good look at the product and makes sure of its quality and freshness.

Breathable packaging – perforated bags for herbs – is used to keep herbs looking fresh and lively for longer. The holes that partially or completely cover the packaging allow the greens to breathe, so that they do not spoil for a long time and do not have unpleasant odours.

Increased air circulation and moisture evacuation from bags

In breathing bags, herbs are less susceptible to rot or shrinkage, retain their natural appearance and flavour longer and stay fresh two to three times longer than in traditional packaging or in open storage. In addition, well chosen packaging affects the marketable appearance of the product and therefore the informed choice of customers, increasing the demand for it several times over.

Bags for greens

ARTHA-S company has been on the market for more than 20 years and started to produce packaging material of polypropylene and is the only company in Ukraine that specialises in packaging for flowers and greenery. Thanks to our company, many people have been able to appreciate the benefits and advantages of polypropylene bags as ecological and reliable.

Our company is a major supplier to national-level companies

Over the years, ARTHA-S has established itself as a responsible company focused on the quality of its products. At the moment we have a large number of regular customers not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Among them are brands and companies such as: TM “Green Go”, “Verkshki and Koreshki” LCC, “Kof” LCC, “Miseriya-Iv” LCC and others.

Our company maintains strict control of all manufacturing processes, testing products for durability, reliability and resistance to damage. Therefore, our packaging for greens meets all rules of quality, the requirements of existing standards, hygiene and safety regulations.

The modern and beautiful design makes the products stand out from the rest of the range. Our bags for greens are not only durable and high quality packaging, but also a business card for any company, because only highly qualified specialists are engaged in design development.

Here you can not only buy ready made products, but also order packaging bags for greens of unique design, with logo of your company, its symbols, or brief contact information. All customer requirements and preferences are taken into account and implemented in development. A modern approach and unusual decisions allow to make gift wrapping bright, noticeable and attractive to customers. As in ARTHA-S perfectly organised production of bags for greens in bulk, you can make an order of bags of any required volume. Every order is realized in strictly defined terms.

You can buy or place an order for packages of fresh herbs in Dnipropetrovsk and all over Ukraine on our site online or by phone. You can make the necessary order by simply filling out the feedback form. Here you will always find a wide range of packaging bags, the ability to order custom design, a wide choice of materials for printing. You will also be pleasantly surprised by our affordable price.

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